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4Fold is an international art collective which connects people from various disciplines in order to activate a space it occupies. It is a performing company and a platform for other artists and enthusiasts to explore themselves and their craft in this setting.

4Fold has always existed as the platform for all creative creatures who are willing to intertwine and share various experiences of life and an approach to an interpretation of nature.

This is shortly encapsulated in our vision:

Movements concentrate space and time, alter and accentuate the heard and seen

Sounds build up / accentuate / shape tension, plasticity, feeling, release

Visuals form intensity, contrast and compose plasticity

Words depict this what is between imaginative and seen


All these four elements alter and augment the space-time together with its whole content (objects and living entities)

4Fold is a setting where movements, sounds, visuals and words are intertwined

It aims at establishing a fluid connection between these four basic elements of aesthetic activities of human beings

It is a synthesis or some sort of connection between those four elements, narrative and objects

It takes culture as a verb rather than as a noun

4Fold is about a group of people who are passionate about their craft and things they do

4Fold wants to show that it can activate the space it occupies

4Fold situations usually take place in bare, unfurnished venues which are designed by the members of the group creating a collage of media

4Fold is also a performance which takes place just once and keeps going on in hearts and minds of spectators and performers

It creates a wormhole which can link two separate places in spacetime, between the one and the second performance

The human’s presence alters the space-time, which is why 4fold sessions are held for many hours to see an influence of spacetime on participants, and vice versa

The audience-performers and spacetime-occupant relationship is an important factor of the whole situation

4Fold wants to present, to show a process and a finished product
Thanks to that, a spectator can feel the creative energy emanating during the whole process and not to only perceive the final product


4Fold has its own features because it’s not fully the theater, nor the dance piece in sense of stage

dynamics, but contains their all basic characteristics

It lies somewhere in-between

It’s performative because it’s focused on this what and when people do or make something during a creative process

4Fold provides a setting where all works come to one place in order to create a gallery of ‘sensorialscape'
It’s free and improvisational in its core which wants willfully to commit itself in a self-discovery and wants to fuse all possibilities present within a group that can overcome boundaries of our defaults, personal flavors and modes of expressions

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