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Alexandra Fly

Alexandra Fly Dance performance

(Camp: style, subcultures and sexual politics)

cast: Alexandra Holownia

music: Bogdan Mizerski


Artist Alexandra Holownia as "Alexandra Fly" costumes in a "vagina dress" manifests the free viewing of the individual. Stands for the sociopolitical tolerance, acceptance of human rights and the freedom of sexual self-determination. Alexandra Flys appearance should lead to dialogue. In Performance Alexandra Fly's Dance are presented : art cap, hat, scarf, blouse with extra fabric sewn breasts, lips or penis of silk. The visitors could wear these and AlexandraFly shows the dance steps and invite public to fancy dance. Everybody can participate. Everyone can be costumed, dancing and singing. Abstract movements and provocative, funny costumes arousedirectness of physical expression, perception and communication. mediating tolerance but also especially to prove influence Dada to contemporary art.

technical requirements : sound device with USB


Alexandra Holownia lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Alexandra Holownia graduated in design at the Fine Art Academy in Poznan and post-graduate studies in stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw aalso post-graduate in art in context at the University of Art in Berlin. Among other things, she lectured on performances at Theacademy private acting school in Berlin. Working with performance, video, drawing and multimedia art.


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